Approaching MSJ Shop from SE

Create Positive Memories

We want you to have such a good experience shopping with us that it becomes part of the happy story you remember from your vacation.  We want you to come see us again when you return to Maui.  We want to help you celebrate your life with jewelry.

Meet the Team

Our professional philosophy is to create a positive sales experience that you will remember forever.


Matthew Doss

Founder & CEO

Maui was the reward for the short but successful San Francisco corporate career in engineering and technical sales for a young Matthew Doss back in 2006.  Starting over in Maui and prioritizing a more healthy work and life balance has been a good decision.  Together with a trusted and talented partner, Celia, they work to practice their own brand of perfected customer service. Today, Matthew handles the general administration, operations for the company, and is the fixer for many a tricky situation.


Celia Doss

Co-Founder and Sales Director

Celia is a San Francisco Bay Area native who worked in education and public health before moving to Maui 2006.  Together with her husband, Matthew, they work to optimize a healthy lifestyle for raising children and developing a successful family business.  Celia loves to surf, snorkel, dance and buy jewelry!  Luckily she is a natural people person, and once she learned basic sales techniques from her husband, the student became the master.  Truly, she loves to help people find the perfect jewelry to brighten their lives.  Since she still loves to shop, Celia keeps finding new amazing jewelry to share with you!

Maui Silver Jewelry is NOW HIRING!

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